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Sure Start’s success with sensory sessions

Saol Ur Sure Start have had fantastic engagement in their summer sensory sessions this past summer.

The sessions consisted of a 6 week programme, held in Whiterock library once a week on Wednesdays between 10.30 and 11.30 am.

The average attendance per a session has been 9 babies and 7 parents.

Seána Kerr, Speech and Language Therapist at Saol Ur Sure Start commented on the reasoning behind the sessions.

“By the time a child is 3, they have achieved 90% of their adult brain size. The range of vocabulary employed by age 5 gives us a very strong notion of what kind of profession they will have. The first 1000 days of life are a blueprint for how you bond, love and relate to others, for the rest of your life. We are wanting to increase the train tracks (brain cell connections) in babies minds. The more train tracks, the better able you are to learn, to love and generally cope with life. Developing sensory skills gets babies from thinking of simple needs to higher level thinking.”

The sessions focused on a different theme each week.

Week 1- Reflections.

Week 2-Sounds.

Week 3-Touch.

Week 4-Visual.

Week 5-Music, movement and me.

Week 6-Sensory summary.